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Cloud Prospector Machine Software Review | Cloud Prospector Machine | SaaS Applications Click left for Cloud Prospector Machine Review, Cloud Prospector Machine, a software as a service, Take advantage of Mobilegeddon, Instantly find & market 40% of the companies hit by last months Google slap.

Cloud Prospector Machine Software Review on Cloud Prospector Machine which is also SaaS Applications

Who is Cloud Prospector Machine For?
If you are working with clients doing SEO, Video Marketing, Mobile Websites, Page Speed Optimization, Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, and other local biz marketing services then this type of lead prospecting service is something you’ll want to have in your toolbelt, so you can spend less of your time looking for clients, and more of your time working for them and pulling in fees for services rendered.

If you are a regular online business owner, and you don’t plan on doing any side work for other business owners, then this tool is probably overkill– sure,
you could use it one time on your own websites to evaluate your web presence– but your mileage for the money would be much less than the consultant would get from it.

Best Features of Cloud Prospector Machine
Cloud Prospector Machine has an impressive feature set.

Here are some of the features I liked most:
1. Fast Discovery of Websites with Mobile-Friendliness Problems – Just enter a keyword and city, and get back a report showing where the opportunities are.
2. Automatic Fetching of Contact Information If Available – Fetches email addresses from the WHOIS records of the site.
3. Fairly good feedback on progress of the search – Important since the amount of data being fetched is large. It’s nice to have decent feedback so you never have to wonder if it just stopped working.
4. Saves Your Prospects For Later – You never need to re-do a previous client search to work on it some more since the searches and results are saved in a list inside your dashboard
5. Bulk Generation of Website Audit Reports to Help You Sell Your Services – One of the hardest things for new consultants to do is to SELL the services they offer. So having a pre-formatted report containing the client’s custom data to work from, makes it dead easy to show the client how their website is hurting them.
6. Storage of Multiple Response Templates – If you work in different niches and you want to tailor your reports to those niches, you’ll love the ability to store a “Profile” as a template and use it to fill in your Website Audit Reports for sending with a couple of clicks.
7. International Ready – Search Inside Different Countries for potential clients.
8. Mobile-readiness reports – See not only whether the website passed or not, but if they fail, what problems caused it to fail, and how the website actually looks to a mobile device.
9. Easy Mobile Site Builder – If you don’t have a mobile website builder, no worries, you can build mobile sites right inside Cloud Prospector Machine.
10. Site Auditor – This is HUGE, and worthy of being a product all by itself for the money. You get a full, detailed, top to bottom report on the website including SEO & keywords rankings, Page Speed, Mobile Friendliness, Local Visibility, Social Media visibility, Majestic SEO metrics and a whole bunch more.

Explore more in this video:

Download Cloud Prospector Machine :

To your success.

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Cloud Prospector Machine Software Review | Cloud Prospector Machine | SaaS Applications

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